Nyasha Bryant is an LA based narrative designer & screenwriter who was raised on the Jon Stewart Green Lantern comic books her father read to her as bedtime stories. A military brat with roots in Zimbabwe, Nyasha landed in LA to study film production at Loyola Marymount University and achieve her high-school aged dream of making the next INCEPTION. Nyasha specializes in offbeat stories about girls and women forging their realities in whatever world or dimension they’re in. She’s currently working on a feature script about an unlikely witch with too much power for her own good. 

After graduating with her bachelor’s in 2017, Nyasha went on to work in creative production and development for companies including Ubisoft Film & Television and Herzog & Co on projects such as MYTHIC QUEST, ANTEBELLUM, and PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN. Currently, Nyasha is a narrative designer on the video game Wylde Flowers for Studio Drydock. You can catch her some of her most recent lead narrative work at @found_eve on X.com from 555 Comics — an online fictional account from the perspective of a young woman stranded on a terrifyingly unusual island Nyasha wrote from August 2022-23.